Fast Lane Favorite?

Hi, Scott. Thanks for answering so many emails.

If the plan is still to give Reigns a crowning moment as the top babyface by winning the title at Mania, how does putting him in a Fast Lane main event against Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar make sense? He’s going to be the least popular wrestler by far, even if one of the other two wrestles as a clear heel.

At the same time, is it really realistic to think either Brock or Ambrose is going to win?

We’ve seen Brock-HHH before, and it wasn’t that great. As much as I agree that the gimmicks don’t click, the Wyatts seem like Brock’s likely opponent.

Ambrose does have history with the Authority, but it’s much more with Rollins than HHH. Would the last three months of HHH and Vince’s involvement against Reigns really have been leading to the Lunatic Fringe getting his name on the marquee in the world title match at Mania?

The idea of Reigns getting a win over two top guys makes sense in theory, but it didn’t work last year against Daniel Bryan. People are going to convince themselves/hope/wonder/pray that it will be something other than HHH-Reigns at Mania only to be even more disappointed/cynical when the most likely ending occurs and to be even more jaded toward Reigns.

Is there even a 10% chance that WWE’s intended ending of the Mania title match is something other than heroic babyface Reigns being cheered? (I know Reigns would actually get booed in that scenario, but it’s WWE’s theory). I know they audibled late last year with Rollins, but they don’t have the briefcase option this year.

​I think something like the Elimination Chamber would have been a better idea, because then you have multiple choices and you can let Roman come in late and wreck shit, and have Brock eliminated early by the Wyatt bullshit we’re inevitably getting. Or you can call an audible before the match and pick someone else than Roman.

And yeah, Ambrose is getting cheered and he’s eating the pin. This shit would have worked out 100% better if they had turned either Ambrose or Roman at Survivor Series and let them feud up until now. At least fans would be invested in someone. ​