Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers! Welcome to the Road to Wrestlemania.

Yay Jughead! My New England Patriots nightmare is over for at least a year. And good for Carolina too. Part of me wanted to see the two old gunslingers battle it out for a title but we need some new blood in football.

Like most people I forgot the Rumble was on until I saw Scott posted a rant and I decided to load up the Network. Opener was terrific and the women’s match was good too with the right finish and the right follow as long as it’s kept in a three-way feud. I FFW’ed through the tag match, which had an obvious ending and the U.S. Title match, which wasn’t obvious but it makes no sense to keep bouncing the title between these two guys.

The Rumble itself…Hmmm…I thought it was much better than the last couple of years. A.J. Styles was just a cool thing and he really worked the match well because he kept getting reactions and they put him in a worker’s slot. Jericho is also still really good as a pace setter in these matches. The Sami Zayn stuff was good and I hope they can follow up with that because Zayn-Owens is good stuff. Brock came out at the right time. The Wyatt feud will be a disaster but whatever. Everything was fine if not predictable until the end. I hate the idea that they booked the finish like this was 2002 Triple H instead of where we are. He came in and dominated and looked great and made the other guys look like shit in his presence. Now he’s got to build someone up to be his challenger? He eliminated the last two guys cleanly and we’re supposed to hate him or spite him or what? And they’ve just fucked the Reigns thing up six ways from Sunday. It almost seems like it was intentional. Part is bad luck, I’m convinced he’d be in a much better position if Rollins didn’t get hurt and they did the title switch as planned but the aura the guy had a few years ago is just completely dead. There better be a hell of a long-term payoff for that unless they are just ready to move on.

Anyway enjoy RAW or whatever else you watch. Keep it clean!