HHH’s secret plot to dethrone Flair?

> I didn’t catch this when I watched it yesterday, but when HHH won the Rumble, Cole called him the 14-time Champion. That’s only 2 from tying, and 1 more from beating Flair’s 16-time championship record. He’s only in his late 40’s and has a guaranteed spot in the company. Is it really unrealistic to think that could happen?

That would assume he’s some sort of insecure egomaniac, and that’s just WACKY. WACKY, I say.

Also, what the fuck is with the Authority spending months screwing Roman out of the title with elaborate plans and then just turning around and giving him another fucking title shot? Could the 28 writers not have at least taken 15 seconds to have Roman invoke his magic rematch clause or something?