Brock and Bray – Incompatible Gimmicks

Hi, Scott. I was trying to figure out what about Brock vs. Bray at Mania felt so wrong to me, (besides the fact that Bray is not a threat like the WWE thinks he is and there are more interesting opponents for Brock) and I think it’s because it’s like the Tin Man fighting Travis Bickle.

Brock’s appeal stems from the legitimacy that he brings to the ring – matches feel like shoots and we know he is a bonafide ass kicker. He feels real. Bray, on the other hand, even when handled well, inhabits a totally different genre – he may have supernatural powers and all of his talking suggests a fantastic mythology surrounding him. They don’t inhabit the same world and, in my mind, shouldn’t.

So, either Brock compromises what makes him appealing, (and has to make Bray’s mumbo jumbo seem a threat to him, which is a terrible idea) or Bray is once again exposed as being an illegitimate threat in the face of reality. It’s a no-win scenario for both guys.

​Yeah, Bray at least matches up with Undertaker, which is why it’s so mystifying that they completely blew it off in November. You’d think it would be logical to have the Wyatts "bury him alive" or whatever nonsense and then Undertaker goes away until March and returns to wreck vengeance on Bray and his family. Easy peasy.

I agree with the reasoning from many others: Bring in Samoa Joe as Brock’s WM opponent and let them beat the hell out of each other. Doesn’t mean Joe has to stay on the main roster, just give him his payday and then cut him loose if you want. But at least it’s better than "Follow the buzzards" for 8 weeks and then Bray jobbing again.​