A non-Daniel Bryan question

Morning, Scott.

Was just reading the blog at work, and something popped to mind.

What is the status of the lawsuit between WWE and Punk & Cabana? I know Cabana has not and will not say anything publicly about it (because really, why draw fire onto yourself?), and neither has Punk. It seems both guys have ended up looking way better because of the whole situation (Punk with the UFC contract and a story on ROLLING STONE’s online edition, Cabana with two stories on his DIY aesthetic in ROLLING STONE), and the WWE has said nothing. Could it be due in part to the fact that, if this gets to a public court and WWE’s doctors get skewered, then that opens the door for D-Bry to challenge their refusal to clear him, and creates another bigger headache for Vince? Or is it just a case of shut up, and hope everyone forgets about it? I hope that some day, we are finally able to hear the whole story about this…

​I have not heard a word about it since the lawsuits were filed, to be honest. I’m assuming everything is super hush-hush for legal reasons, which is of course in stark contrast to Punk and Cabana blabbing everything on the podcast in the first place. Probably on the advice of their legal team. Really, best case scenario would just be for WWE to cut a cheque and make it go away, especially since a healthy CM Punk who didn’t hate them would have been a HELL of an asset to trot out for Wrestlemania this year.

I will, however, laugh pretty hard if Punk gets choked out by the geek they have lined up for him at UFC 200. I’m all for living your dreams, but there are real fighters who never get those kind of shots and this whole thing is already a circus.​