Why did WWE change their mind on AJ?

Hey Scott,

What happened with AJ Styles? Last year, WWE was barely willing to give him a tryout. Now they’re giving him all the money and signing the entire Bullet Club as well?

Did he suddenly gain 20 lbs of muscle and become 8 years younger over the past year?

​No, but ratings dropped more than 20% year to year and everyone is out with injuries. Just think, it only took ratings dropping to historic lows and four or five major stars getting injured to make them realize they need to make new stars. Who says Vince doesn’t have the pulse of the wrestling fans?

Good thing there’s a "developmental system" where they can just pull some ready-made characters with previous big match experience to fill in holes at various places in the card!

Oh, wait, I’m getting a tweet from @WONBookerOfTheYear here telling me that I must be thinking of something else and Vince should just leave Finn Balor and Samoa Joe alone. OK then. ​