Sid…what if?

For whatever random reason I got to wondering about Sid the other day. What do you suppose would have happened if he hadn’t left the WWF in 92 to play softball? I am assuming they go through the program with The Ultimate Warrior, but might have he been the one to take the title off of Savage at SummerSlam? Likewise suppose he never stabbed Arn Anderson with a squeegee and went on to beat Vader at Starrcade. What were the plans for him in 1994, and how would it have affected Hogan coming in that summer?

​History says that he’s always gonna flake out and leave for softball anyway, so I don’t think it would have changed that much. I’d assume that they would turn him heel and have him drop the title to Hogan, and that would have done some big business. As for the original WWF run, Vince desperately wanted him as the next big thing and would have given him the title in a heartbeat, but let’s face it, late 1992 would not have been an ideal time for someone who looks like Sid to get the WWF title, ya dig? So he would have likely ended up on the chopping block along with Warrior and Bulldog anyway.​