Daniel Bryan ruins Royal Rumbles

Scott isn’t the obvious reason WWE won’t clear Bryan is because they don’t want him or more specifically his fans hijacking another Rumble and booing the shit out of whatever stupid person Vince thinks should headline Mania?

Roman’s getting some lukewarm cheers. Don’t want that to be ruined by another boofest at this year’s Rumble.

I’m sure Bryan gets cleared in time for Mania to job to Braun Strowman in 5 seconds in the opening match.

​I still find it ridiculous that they have this guy that is so wildly popular that he hijacks events from their supposed #1 guy, and their thought process is "Well shit, we can’t push THIS guy, people love him too much!"

At any rate, your conspiracy theory assumes that they are capable of learning a lesson from something, ever, and I’m not willing to take that leap.​