Ring of Honor – January 20th, 2016


Let’s get the preliminaries out of the way here….

Notable news from around the world of ROH this week:

–Let’s face it, there’s really only one piece of news that everyone wants to talk about, and we’ve pretty much beat it into the ground here already; that is the next destination of one AJ Styles. It is, of course, pretty much a foregone conclusion that he will be starting with the WWE on either Sunday at the Rumble or Monday at Raw, unless they decide to hold him back for awhile. Styles will make his final ROH appearance on Saturday in Atlanta. 2 items of interest here. One, he will apparently not be wrestling; he will probably cut a promo and sign autographs, but that’s it. Two, ROH will not be allowed to air the footage on their shows or online.

It appears that while there may be a little more tension with the WWE and ROH than previously reported. Obviously, the WWE has a vested interest in protecting ‘their’ talent, and they’re apparently using that with regards to AJ. In fact, the Observer weekly is reporting that the WWE has made it clear that while they aren’t going to force Gallows and Anderson to cancel their last bookings for ROH, they were “very specific” that they don’t want any of them working for ROH going forward; keep in mind, as of this point, none of them are reported to be under contract. No word yet on Nakamura, but one would assume the same; fulfill your existing bookings, but don’t take any more if you want a deal. This probably isn’t unique to ROH, as I would assume that the WWE would treat most indy bookings this way. However, some have speculated that with the WWE adopting more of a ‘big brother’ relationship with Evolve, ROH may be left out in the cold when it comes to working together on anything. Take that for what you will, which is that it’s useless conjecture, but it’s fun to talk about.

As for myself, I hope that the WWE has enough sense not to toss AJ in the middle of the Rumble for a cheap pop that will be forgotten almost instantly when he gets tossed out. It’d be better to wait until Raw the next night to bring him in, especially if they do it early in the show, run vignettes about him all night, and have him wrestle in the main.

Wait a second…..AJ Styles in the main event of a WWE show…..how much Sudafed did I TAKE tonight?

I hope not too much, because we’ve got some wrestling to watch! Let’s do it!

Ring of Honor TV – 1/20/16

We are TAPED from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Your hosts are Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling (Steve Corino) III! Kelly wastes absolutely no time in promising violence in our main event tonight, a Philly Street Fight between The Kingdom, The Young Bucks, and reDRagon! But we’re going to start off with some tag team action, as the music of The Addiction hits! Sabin leads Daniels and Kaz down to the ring. And it’s TIME TO DANCE~! That’s the music of ACH, and he makes his way down the ramp as the music changes to that of one Alex Shelley!

The Addiction (w/Chris Sabin) vs ACH/Alex Shelley

“Motor City!” chant from the crowd as Kaz and Daniels just stonewall the handshake. Code of Honor is not followed, to the shock of no one. Shelly and Kaz are going to start us out. Lockup, they hit the corner and Kaz pokes Alex in the eyes in lieu of a clean break. Cross corner whip by Frankie, and he comes off the ropes and gets a running Russian legsweep on Shelley. Kaz takes forever getting Shelley up, and Alex fires rights and gets a headlock. Kaz shoots him off, Shelley runs over a drop down right into the arms of Daniels, who holds him up on the apron, here comes Frankie, Shelley moves! Running forearm puts Daniels to the floor. Kaz turns around into a Shelley hiptoss and a seated dropkick by Alex. Shelley with kicks to the face of Kaz, snapmare, Dragon sleeper! And now Sabin is on the apron. Shelley releases and has a staredown with Chris, rollup from behind by Kaz, he’s got the tights, 1,2, no! Kaz regains control in the ring, but comes off the ropes and gets caught with a knee from Alex. Tag to ACH, rollup attempt on Kaz, ACH rolls through and springs to his feet, catches Kaz off the ropes with a dropkick. ACH’s tights say “Over 9000”, which is just cool as shit. He comes off the ropes but gets tripped by Sabin; ACH stomps on Sabin’s hand for payback, but Kaz clobbers him from behind and tags in Daniels. Daniels takes him to the corner and they run the ropes, ACH cartwheels past him and gets a dropkick. Kaz comes in, ACH fakes him out and hits him with a dropkick as well. Cross-corner whip by ACH on Daniels is reversed, but Daniels eats a boot on a blind charge. ACH to the second rope, Frankie runs at him on the apron. ACH takes him out with a right, but Daniels uses that to regain control. He gets an overhead throw on ACH from the buckles as Kaz takes out Shelley on the apron. Daniels takes ACH to the mat and pounds on him. Tag to Kaz, inverted atomic drop by Daniels on ACH, Kaz takes ACH’s head to Daniels’ knee, followed by a Daniels STO. And with that, we’re going to take our first ad break of the evening.

We’re back with both Kaz and ACH down in the ring, Shelley begging for the tag, and he gets it. Shelley comes in with a kick to Kaz from the top. Daniels comes in and Shelley dropkicks the knee to take him down. Cross-corner whip is reversed by Kaz, but now he’s the one that gets a boot to the face off a blind charge. Same result when Kaz charges again. Third time, but Alex just grabs him and gets a Flatliner to the second turnbuckle on Kaz. Shelley goes up, double stomp misses, Kaz gets a go-behind and tosses Alex to the heel corner where he gets nailed by Daniels. Tag to Chris. Full Nelson by Kazarian, Daniels goes up, locks the wrists and comes off with a foot to the chest of Alex. That gets two. Daniels goes for Angel’s Wings, but Shelley blocks it with a backdrop. Chris hangs on for a sunset flip, but Shelley rolls through and kicks Daniels in the side of the head. The commentators talk briefly about the 14th Anniversary show in Vegas, and Nakamura is the first name mentioned as being there. Shelley tags in ACH and he comes in with a crossbody on Chris. ACH gets a shot to Kaz on the apron, Daniels charges and goes to the top, but ACH kicks the ankle and Daniels gets hung up on the 2nd rope, superkick by ACH to Daniels. ACH flips to the apron, Down the Line kick to Kaz on the floor. Daniels avoids the Get Over Here, but they trade go-behinds and Chris gets shoved to the corner, where Shelley gets a kick to the face of the Fallen Angel, sending him right into a German from ACH, 1,2, Kaz makes the save! All 4 wrestlers in the ring now, Shelley battles Kaz. Shelley gets whipped into a boot from Daniels to set up Total Elimination by The Addiction, but when they charge ACH, he avoids and gets a Cutter/Flatliner combo on both guys. ACH goes up, but Sabin is on the apron and shakes the ring ropes to bring him down. Sabin eats a right hand, but that distraction was enough, as Kazarian comes up from behind and gets ACH up, Celebrity Rehab! 1,2,3. (The Addiction over ACH/Shelley, pinfall, 8:39)

WORTH WATCHING? This is a very typical ROH tag match, with little resting and decent work from everyone. I question the wisdom of jobbing ACH at this point, since I really do think that he’s a special talent that needs wins (which is why I thought he beat Sydal in the best of 5 in the first place), but whatever. If the matches are good, then I’ll live. So YES, you can take ten minutes of your life for this one if you enjoy decent tag team wrestling.

Post-match, Shelley is checking on ACH when The Addiction attacks. Very noticeably, Sabin does NOTHING to Shelley while The Addiction fires away at him, including hitting him with Celebrity Rehab. Remember, Shelley did cost them the tag belts, so this makes sense. Crowd chants for the Machineguns as Sabin still looks conflicted while Daniels grabs the hammer from the ring bell and looks to hit Shelley with it. The referee tries to stop it, but Daniels takes out the ref with the hammer! And that’s going to bring out Nigel, who warns Daniels that if he does anything more with that hammer, he’s going to regret it. He’s warned Daniels enough times, and Daniels has poked the dog one time too many, so Daniels is suspended without pay! And if he doesn’t exit the ring now, it’s going to be for an entire year! Mr Wrestling III: “You know, people get suspended, they have to go away!” The crowd sings the Goodbye song to Daniels as he argues with Nigel up the ramp. Let’s take an ad break to think about what we’ve just seen!

We’re back with the music of the Decade, as Adam Page makes his way to the ring, flanked by BJ Whitmer and Colby Corino. Kelly tells us that it’s our first time seeing Page since he was banned from Final Battle along with BJ, which I think is still the start of the Decade turning on each other. And there’s Mark Briscoe’s music!

Adam Page (w/ BJ Whitmer & Colby Corino) vs Mark Briscoe

Briscoe offers the hand, but Adam declines. So we’re 0 for 2 on the Code of Honor this evening. Lockup, and Briscoe gets the headlock. Page shoots him off, but Mark flips through a back drop attempt and gets a palm strike. Snapmare, but Page avoids a Froggy-Fu kick by Mark. Standing Shooting Star press by Page casually misses. They eye each other and BJ distracts Mark, allowing Page to clobber him against the ropes. He tosses Mark into the corner to allow Colby to choke away while the ref is distracted. Mark and Adam exchange right hands, Page with the advantage. He whips Mark cross-corner and follows him in. He tries it again, but Mark runs up the 2nd turnbuckle and comes off with a body block to take a charging Page down. Crane kick in the corner hits this time for Briscoe. Suplex attempt by Briscoe is blocked, so Mark just fires chops and rights at Adam against the ropes. Loose brainbuster by Mark gets two. He fires at Page in the corner and floats over a charge by Page after a whip reversal. Mark charges now, but Page gets a powerslam into the buckles for 2. The announcers are talking about the Top Prospect tournament, which starts next week. Adam stands on Mark’s head and sends him to the corner. This match has absolutely zero flow to it at all. Move, walk around, hit another move. Charge by Adam, alley-oop to the apron by Mark, Adam with a shoulder through the middle rope. Page climbs, but Briscoe knocks him to the floor with an enzuigiri. Briscoe runs the ropes, dropkick through the ropes to Page on the floor. Mark on the apron, Blockbuster from the apron to the floor on Page! Back in the ring, running lariat by Mark gets two. Briscoe looks for a Fisherman’s suplex, but Page blocks it. They exchange chops with Page making the comeback! Interesting. Off the ropes, Page with a leaping DDT on Briscoe. 1,2, NO! Fireman’s carry by Page, but Briscoe elbows out and tosses Page to the apron. Briscoe runs at him, boot to Page’s face! Page hangs on to the top rope! Briscoe does it again, Page hangs on again! Alright, they’re definitely prepping him for the babyface turn. Third attempt by Briscoe, but Page catches it and flips him over, then somersaults in with a clothesline! That gets two. Rite of Passage attempt by Page is rolled through by Briscoe, but Mark takes a boot to the chest when he charges Page in the corner. BJ distracts Page now, screaming about how Mr. Wrestling III is actually Steve Corino. Well duh, BJ. Also, The Midnight Rider was Dusty Rhodes. Mr. America was Hulk Hogan. But he thinks this information is worth distracting Adam for, and that proves to be a mistake, as Mark comes flying in with a kick to Page in the corner. He hoists Page up for a NASTY Fisherman’s Buster (seriously looked like he spiked him directly on the head there), and the Froggy-Bow ends it for Mark. (Mark Briscoe over Adam Page, pinfall, 6:34)

WORTH WATCHING? Man, that sucker picked up near the end, but I’m going to go with a NO here. They were waiting for the storyline of the match to kick in, AKA Adam Page making the big comeback and getting screwed by BJ, but they didn’t take a ton of time to build to it, and like I said in the body of the match, there was no flow to what they were doing out there. It felt like random moves strung together. Now, I am enjoying the story that they’re choosing, which is that Adam Page continues to be brave in the ring (Not just tonight, but against Jay Briscoe as well), but that BJ keeps fucking up. And the end of the match was decent, but one minute does not save six. If only the wrestler in this storyline was more charismatic than Adam Page, this would be a killer angle. As it is, Page’s face turn is going to be fun to watch when it happens.

After the match, Kelly asks Mr. Wrestling if he is, in fact, Steve Corino, to which Mr. Wrestling says that he is most definitely not. Mark exits the ring, and we’re going to exit the program for a few moments to check out some ads!

We’re back with the Decade still in the ring, and BJ Whitmer with a mic. Joy. BJ is, to be fair, drawing INSANE heel heat from the Philly crowd. Since this was near the end of the taping cycle, they must really, really hate him. Good on ya, Philly! “I’ve got something to say, and you’re going to let me say it!” For once in your life, Steve, be a man! Show your son what it means to be a man, and take some responsibility for your actions! And Kevin Kelly, you’re an enabler! Mr. Wrestling would like to know if BJ has a question for him; he can ask whatever he’d like! BJ tries to speak, but the crowd boos him every time he tries to talk. Glorious. He demands that Corino take off the mask and show everyone that he is, in fact, Steve Corino. Mr. Wrestling III says that he can’t do that, and he is not Steve Corino. I would be remiss if I didn’t once again point out that the crowd is absolutely INTO this, and I don’t know if that’s because they’re in Philly and they have fond memories of Corino, or if they’re just really into this angle, but they’re playing right along here. Mr. Wrestling points out that BJ can’t touch him under the zero tolerance policy, but he knows Steve Corino, and Steve Corino knows someone who wants to take BJ out, and his name is Steve Corino! Follow that? Anyway, he tells BJ to do everyone a favor and take Page and Colby and get the hell out of the ring! And we’re going to get the hell out as well, and watch ourselves some ads!

We’re back with Kelly and Mr. Wrestling III recapping last week, and how we’ve gotten to our main event tonight. But behind them, Silas Young is out with a mic. “What happened at Final Battle can only be described with one word, and it’s probably the same word a lot of you people’s parents have for you, and that’s the word ‘disappointment’.” Ugh. I mean, it’s not that Young/Castle was a BAD feud or anything, but we’ve reached a natural end point for it. Time to let this thing go. Young, however, thinks otherwise. He let those boys sleep in his basement, he treated them like family! Believe it or not, those boys were appreciative of the opportunities that were given to them! Like the chance to mow his lawn, or on a cold winter day, the chance to shovel his driveway! Yeah! But Dalton Castle has a sick mental hold over these boys; so Young is going to give them one more chance to do the right thing, but if they don’t they’re going to pay! Again, not saying that the feud was terrible or anything, but I’ve seen enough of it.

“Thy Kingdom Come!” This may be the last time we’re going to hear those words, folks, so we better enjoy it. Better get my recapping fingers ready for this one. Here comes Adam Cole, Michael Bennett, Matt Taven (on crutches) and Maria. I will miss the Bennetts, including very specific parts of one of them in particular. In fact, let’s flash back to the comment section from many months ago; take it away, Jobber123!

Jesus Christ. Maria’s ass. –Jobber123

And there’s the music of Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish; here comes reDRagon! Kyle stares at Cole in the ring as Bobby comes out behind him, but here are the Young Bucks! Superkick to Bobby Fish! They take out Kyle and this match is ON!

The Young Bucks vs The Kingdom (w/ Maria & Matt Taven) vs reDRagon – Philly streetfight

Okay, so the tone for this match is established right out of the gate. First off, Code of Honor is not followed, duh. The Bucks hit the ring and superkick Taven off his crutches, and when Cole tries to superkick them back, they move and Cole takes out the ring announcer, Bobby Cruse. Pretty sure that they ripped that spot off of themselves from PWG. Either way, this match is going to be straight nuts with, I would assume, very little in the way of actual wrestling, so we’re going to have some fun. Anyway, while all this is going on, the fans are throwing streamers at the ring, and I get the feeling that once they figured out it was going to go this way, they threw even more. Streamers fly as the Bucks hit stereo superkicks on Cole and on Bennett, clearing the ring of everyone but the Bucks and the streamer section of a local Party City. Cruse is still down in the ring as reDRagon has recovered, and they hit the ring and take out both Matt and Nick. Double arm-wringer on Matt, double kicks to send him to the floor by Fish and O’Reilly. They charge Nick in the corner with forearms and set him up, 2-Man Smash Machine on Nick Jackson! Streamers are still everywhere as Bennett and Cole hit the ring and hook up with reDRagon. Cole tosses Fish and they go to work on Kyle, but O’Reilly hooks himself on the top rope from a whip. Bennett charges but eats a boot, while Cole charges and Kyle yanks down the top rope to send Adam flying. Bennett gets alley-ooped to the apron by Kyle, then Fish charges and Kyle sends him to the other side of the apron on the buckle, Fish somersaults over the top of a ducking Bennett and takes out Matt Jackson and Adam Cole on the floor! Bennett charges O’Reilly, which is just never smart, and Kyle gets the rope-assisted armbar on Michael. Nick Jackson is back in, and he sees those two locked in a battle on the ropes, so he gets a running start and leaps over them with a back-first splash to the floor on both his brother and Bobby Fish. Cole is back in the ring, though, and he breaks up the armbar with a chair. Fish is back in now, and he stops Cole with a kick. So we’ve got reDRagon and the Kingdom in the ring right now. Bennett hits Fish with a straight right and proclaims to the crowd that he has a hell of a right hand. Meanwhile, on the outside, Matt Jackson sends Kyle to the barricade as Maria proclaims that no matter what you’ve heard, the Kingdom is forever and will stay together. Oh, I don’t know about that Maria; in fact, I would go so far as to say that for that to happen would be a ‘Miracle!’ Am I right?

Nothing? Come on, that was decent!

Anyway, Cole and Matt are back in the ring now, with Cole setting up the chair and sitting Matt down in it to tee off on him, while we see Bobby putting knees to Bennett on the outside. It’s literally non-stop action. Cole runs the ropes with Jackson in the chair….and puts on a chinlock. Man, he’s done that before and it never fails to make me laugh a little bit each time. Meanwhile, Kyle has sent Nick to the barricade on the outside. Matt fights out of the devastating chinlock with a jawbreaker….on the chair. Ouch. Cole stumbles to the corner and leans up against the turnbuckle, so Matt goes to the other corner and does a front flip into a cartwheel….and then just calmly picks up the chair and hits Adam with it. Ha! Meanwhile, Nick Jackson is still taking a beating from Kyle on the floor, as O’Reilly gets a backdrop on the floor. Kyle sets him up on a chair and goes to the apron as we see Bennett getting a big boot on Fish against the barricade, Kyle’s gonna fly….right into a Nick superkick! And we’re going to fade out here for an ad break and a chance to catch our breath.

We’re back with the Bucks suplexing Adam Cole into a shopping cart. Like I said, this match knows exactly what it is and makes no apologies for it. Matt sends Cole down the ramp into a superkick from Nick! Awesome spot. Cole and the cart both go down. In the meantime, reDRagon is destroying poor Michael Bennett, culminating in a dropkick from the apron by O’Reilly. Meanwhile, Matt is on top of Cole, firing right hands while reDRagon continue to double-team Bennett. The crowd thinks this is awesome, and I’m inclined to agree. The Bucks prep a table while reDRagon rolls Bennett back in. Bennett goes out the other side while Matt tries to attack Kyle, but that is a poor decision on his part as Kyle grabs a chinlock and Fish kicks Matt in the chest. Total Elimination by reDRagon on Matt Jackson! Now Nick tries to spring in, but Fish catches him with a shot to the gut on the way. Double Dragon as Kyle gets the DDT followed by Bobby’s overhead suplex. Cole and Bennett, meanwhile, are attempting to introduce a ladder into the proceedings. Kyle and Bobby charge with stereo sliding kicks, but Cole and Bennett lift the ladder over them, causing them to hit the floor and reDRagon gets clobbered by the ladder on the backswing, which is also awesome. Ladder is tossed into the ring, and Cole joins it and the Bucks in there. Ladder shot to the midsection of Matt Jackson, same for Nick Jackson. Cole puts the ladder on his head for the Funk spin, and that takes out both Bucks again. Cole spins a few extra times for fun, and it’s time for some “Adam Cole, bay-bay!” as he sticks hands out through the ladder. Unfortunately, Kyle O’Reilly is sliding into the ring on one side with a chair, while Fish is coming in on the other side with a chair, and they hit the ladder on both sides, which is probably going to cause quite the headache for Cole later. Cole gets sent to the corner, splashes by reDRagon, and while a normal 2-Man Smash Machine would be fine, a chair assisted one is ever so much better, don’t you agree? Now, the Bucks are setting up a table again on the outside, while O’Reilly and Fish set up the chairs and put the ladder on top of it. Oh, this could be fun. They’ve got Bennett and I’m pretty sure that Chasing the Dragon is coming, but Nick Jackson pulls Fish out of the ring and sends him to the barricade. Meanwhile, Bennett frees himself and tries a powerbomb on the ladder, but Kyle goes through the legs of Mike and gets a spinkick. Kyle comes off the ropes again, but Bennett picks him off and gets a spinebuster on the ladder! Now Nick is back in and he hits Bennett with a chair, while he’s joined by his brother. Bobby gets to the apron, but Matt grabs him in a headscissors while Nick just throws the chair straight at his head, sending him back to the floor. They set up the ladder against the second rope and powerbomb Bennett through it, finally breaking it. Matt picks up what remains of the ladder to set Bennett up as Nick comes off with a Swanton on Bennett on the broken ladder! Kyle has pulled himself back to the apron, but Nick doesn’t want him in the ring, so he superkicks him off the apron. Matt gets Bennett on his shoulders, More Bang for Your Buck hits! And we have our very first cover of the match! It gets two as Cole pulls the ref out of the ring. Well, it is No-DQ, so I guess that’s okay. Cole sends Fish to the barricade as Nick Jackson stalks him outside the ring, so Cole hides behind the commentators. Well, we saw how that worked earlier, and indeed, Nick is not deterred as he attempts to superkick Adam….who moves out of the way, which means that poor Kevin Kelly takes it instead! Mr. Wrestling is torn between his desire to yell “Superkick!” and concern for his friend, but he is able to do both as he screams ‘Superkick!’ first, and “Kevin Kelly is DEAD!!” right after. Meanwhile, Matt is in the ring measuring Cole, and Jackson dropkicks him through the second rope. He flips back on the ropes to allow his brother to jump over him, so Kyle just comes up and hits him with a chair! Good, I hate that showboating! Nick is less than thrilled, however, so he flips to apron and comes down with a kick to Kyle who happens to be holding the chair in front of his face. And Bobby Fish is back now and he sweeps the leg of Nick, who does a flip on the apron and lands square on his HEAD, which looked nasty as all hell. Everyone is down on the outside! There’s only one commentator left! This match has been fucking fun as hell! While all of these statements are true, here’s the truest one – it’s time for our FINAL ad break of the evening!

We’re back with Cole getting a Canadian Destroyer on Matt Jackson in the ring, which is a hell of a way to come back from a commercial break. Cole decides to give us some ‘Adam Cole, bay-bay’ from his seated position after the piledriver, so Nick Jackson decides to superkick him for his insolence. Jackson celebrates and turns around…into a superkick from Michael Bennett. Bennett attempts to spring over the top with a crossbody, but it’s avoided and he gets double-teamed by reDRagon, Chasing the Dragon on the floor to Mike Bennett! And now there’s only two wrestlers standing as O’Reilly spies Cole in the ring, and here we go. Cole makes a run for it, but Kyle catches up to him, pulling Adam’s shirt over his face and firing right hands into his midsection. They fight it out all the way to the back, and we’re back with Fish and the Bucks in the ring. Fish surprisingly makes a go of it, pinning both Jacksons in opposite corners, then sliding out and spearing Bennett through a table. Fish back in now and he charges Matt, but Matt’s had enough rest time and moves out of the way, allowing Nick to follow Fish into the corner and get a stiff knee to Bobby’s face. With both other teams being down a member, I would expect that the Bucks are going to win here, but who knows at this point? Bobby gets to the apron and Bucks get a double superkick, which sends Fish (very gently) through the table at ringside. Crowd is kind of ‘meh’ on that one, but they quickly change their tone as Nick goes to the top and gets a frog splash from the top turnbuckle to the floor on Bobby Fish! Crowd chants for the Bucks as Mr. Wrestling gets Cary Silkin in on commentary to say that he’s never seen anything like this in 14 years. Oh, come on, Cary; this is really, really fun, but it’s no Generico/Steen ladder match when it comes to crazy spots involving furniture. Anyway, Matt Jackson goes out and gets Michael Bennett, and I feel like we’re coming up to the end here. They put Bennett in the chair and get set up for a superkick party, but Maria comes in with ballshots on both Bucks. Bennett gets the chair and he looks to hit the Bucks, but AJ STYLES RUNS IN, grabs the chair and hits Mike! Bloody Sunday on Bennett! Maria goes for a chair, but Styles steps on it to prevent her from picking it up, and then grabs her and tosses her to Matt, who hoists her up (lucky bastard), MELTZER DRIVER ON MARIA!! Man, if she’s going out, she’s going out all the way. Good on ya, Maria! And now it’s Michael Bennett alone with the Bullet Club, and I feel like that might not work out well for him. AJ alley-oops Nick into the Indytaker for the Bucks, they hand Bennett back to AJ into Styles Clash position with a double superkick for good measure, and AJ follows with a Styles Clash to turn Bennett into a quivering pile of jelly. The Bucks roll him over, but the pinfall is academic at this point. 1,2,3. (The Young Bucks over reDRagon & The Kingdom, pinfall, 13:56)

WORTH WATCHING? Oh, COME ON. This was AWESOME. YES, you should watch it. Sometimes, a spotfest is worth watching, and this was a spotfest worth watching. Constant action, zero restholds; now, was it a good ‘wrestling’ match? Well, that’s debatable, but if you look at it as a dumb action film to interrupt your Merchant Ivory viewing, it’s just plain fun from top to bottom. Check it out, it’s the first great TV match from ROH in 2016.

Post-match, the camera lingers on the broken plunder outside the ring as the Bucks and AJ celebrate inside it. And we’re done for this week.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: This was an excellent episode of ROH, with the best match they’ve done on TV in 2016 so far. I was iffy on the Page/Briscoe singles match, but even that wasn’t actively BAD, it was just boring in the beginning. Ring of Honor is continuing to bring the goods so far this year. Good stuff.

As always, I thank you for reading this thing I wrote,
Rick Poehling
@MrSoze on Twitter