RF Video Shoot Interview with the Beverly Brothers

This was filmed in 2007

The host is Eric Gargiulo

It runs at one hour and forty-one minutes long


The interview starts asking how they got started in the wrestling business. Bloom talks about being trained at Verne Gagne’s school while Enos talks about how they were power-lifters at the time and asked others (wrestlers?)at the gym were to get trained.


Brad Rheingans trained them as they put over how tough he was but that it also instilled discipline and that prepared him for the road. Bloom talks about how he is still friends with him today.


On how they met, they saw each other at the gym but at the start were both singles wrestlers. Enos talks about how Bloom helped him on interviews. Enos then puts over how Bloom was all business while he was more into money, women, and booze himself. When asked if he was quiet because of his lack of interview skills, Enos said he was supposed to be “Mean Mike” and Verne felt his voice sounded too young so Bloom did the talking.



Speaking about Verne Gagne, Bloom said he was a “businessman.” Enos tells a story of how Verne fired him and after that he went out drinking with Ray Stevens and Wahoo McDaniel, who told him to show up to work the next day anyway. Enos did in fact show up the next day and nothing happened.



They tell another Verne story when they were on some local channel to promote the show. After joking how the hot blond liked Bloom, with Enos slipping in that Bloom hooked up with her, they went on about how they were wearing Zubaz. The interviewer kept asking him about his pants as Bloom told her they were Zubaz and all of the NFL players wore them. And, Bloom said there friends owned the company. Well, Verne flipped out over the fact they talked about pants on the interview instead of the show as Bloom explained how they were trying to get to that part but she kept asking about the pants.


Enos tells a drinking story with Ray Stevens. They were at Red Lake in Minnesota and Stevens got them all really drunk and bought an $18,000 bass fishing boat. They were sitting in Verne Gagne’s office when the phone rang and it was someone telling Stevens that he had to get his boat out of the lake because the water was about to freeze and Stevens didnt even realize that he had a boat.


On being paired with Johnny Valiant, Bloom said he was trying to be a comic while Enos said he had no idea what he was saying half of the time.


Regarding Tom Zenk, Bloom said that he usually kept to himself and kept his distance from things. Enos said he liked Zenk but was a pretty boy. Enos then tells a story while they were in Canada. In a rented van, they were with Tommy Jammer, who was driving, Scott Norton and Zenk. Bloom had all the guys buy a case of beer as they had a 14 hour drive. Norton pulled over as they had to piss then Jammer took off as Bloom and Norton were on the side of the road. Bloom then ripped off Norton’s shirt and tossed it in the road, along with his shoes, and waived over a Corvette that was driving. Bloom told the corvette to catch up to the van and tell them one of the wrestlers got hit by a car while taking a piss. Enos then said that Zenk wound up in shock as a result. So, the Corvette and the van drive back as Norton is laying in the road. Bloom started to yell at the driver of the Corvette about hitting Norton as Enos said that Zenk was crying, stating “we went to far this time” as Enos talks about how he was laughing his ass off. Later that night, they got Norton back at the bar. Bloom joked how Norton loved to get hammered off of daiquiris and passed out on a cot and they slid it out to the parking lot, where Norton woke up in the morning.


They tell another story from that same trip in Canada. While seeing construction workers on the side of the road,Bloom got out of the van with his construction vest on and pretended he was the project supervisor and told them they were doing everything wrong. He had them move stuff around and shut down the project as Bloom said it was “fun for the boys.”


Enos talks about wrestling today and while all the guys are in great shape in the WWE, they all look the same and do not have the dynamic characters like they did in the past as Bloom adds that it is boring today due to everyone looking the same with cookie-cutter style.


They talk about how talented the Rockers were before jokingly mentioning they were the last team to beat them before their breakup. On Marty Jannetty’s partying, Enos said he liked to have “fun” but never saw Marty do any hard drugs.


On who helped them out, Bloom said in the AWA it was Rheingans, Stevens, and Verne. Baron Von Raschke & Ken Patera also mentored them in the AWA as they talked about how those two barely did anything and still got a reaction. Enos said that the entertainers can control the crowd instead of guys just doing moves. While in the WWF, the Bushwhackers, Rick Martel, and Tito Santana all took the time to explain and teach them. Enos said that Bret Hart always helped him out with advice.


They now talk about their tours of Japan. Bloom didnt think the guys over their took advantage of them in the ring as Enos added that they were trained by  Rheingans, who kicked their asses daily. Enos said he would put the Great Muta in the top 5 wrestlers of that era. Bloom wasnt fond of going over there as Enos liked the big cities like Tokyo. Enos then talked about the “lobby parties” they always had over their as they drank all night for two weeks straight and at the end, Enos said he felt like he was dying. Enos said there is not much else to do but wrestle and drink. Bloom adds how its tough to find food to eat there.


While under the masks in WCW as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew II, they both were still under contract with the AWA as they worked both territories at the same time. Enos said WCW had injuries at the time and Bloom felt that the Gagne’s wanted to get them experience and loaned them to WCW. They both did not like working under a mask.


On how they got to the WWF, Bloom said they were doing tours of Japan when Pat Patterson called and wanted them to tryout at a TV taping. Bloom said they were scheduled to wrestle in Japan at that time and wanted to know if they could tryout another week, as they had a short-term contract with Japan at that time for those dates and didnt want to no-show. The WWF called them back when they got back from Japan and wrestled a dark match at a TV taping. Enos adds how once while in the WWF, Vince McMahon was backstage and walked in front of the monitor and saw Mr. Hughes, stopped, and told someone to hire him before walking away.


Bloom puts over how they always had good chemistry together and got along which is why they were hired together.


On the tough schedule in the WWF, Bloom said that you just have to be disciplined and stick through with it no matter what and if not, you might as well just go home and quit. Bloom also talks about he had a goal to make money and to do whatever it took to achieve that.


On the Beverly Brothers gimmick and if they liked it, they both didnt care and just wanted a job and to wrestle. Bloom said they had some ideas but didnt give a shit about the gimmick as he was in the best wrestling company in the world. Enos thought Vince would have made more money with the Destruction Crew gimmick but since it was someone else’s idea, Vince did not want to do that. Bloom said that Vince had some “rough and tumble” type teams and decided to go with an off-the-wall gimmick. Enos then said he remembers telling Vince they were going to get the gimmick over but Vince told them it was his job to get over the gimmick.


When asked about John Tolos, Bloom said he didnt know what the hell that was about as it fizzled out quickly. Bloom said he might have had a favor coming but he was not a fit in that role or even for the times. Enos said Tolos was a nice guy out of the ring. Bloom said Tolos did not mentor them at all. Bloom figures that The Genius was added because Randy Savage’s brother needed a job while Enos added that he was a good guy and would always ask them what they wanted to do, stating he was a team player.


Bloom goes off about wrestlers being scrutinized regarding drug testing and steroids, stating he is not against it but why are wrestlers and their results all made public, and that goes on for several minutes.


Now they are asked against some of the teams they worked against. Enos said they bumped a lot against the Road Warriors but that they were great. They said there matches against the Bushwhackers were entertaining and they were great guys. On the Nasty Boys, Bloom said they were characters as Enos adds that Knobbs was always hyper. Enos talks about how they wrestled the Steiner Brothers in Michigan and he hid Scott’s jacket. Scott then told the locker room that he would kill whoever stole it as Enos said he was a good guy but easy to rev up. They both loved working with Earthquake & Typhoon, stating they were all business and working to make money to support their families.


On when the crowd chanted “faggot” at them in a match in Canada against the Bushwhackers, Bloom said that they were going to go with that but decided against it as Bloom said it was not good for the kids to chant that then adds if that is the way you have to draw money, then you should probably find another line of business.


Enos loves watching Shawn Michaels but hopes he does not end up like Ric Flair and knows when to retire. He then talks about how he likes the Undertaker only showing up to wrestle a few times a year. Bloom is shocked to hear that Flair is still wrestling.


When asked about the party scene in the WWF, Bloom said they were “beer drinking boys” as they both said they were never into drugs or saw anything that extreme. Bloom added when they got there it was during the indictment and they were drug tested constantly and failures resulted in fines or even getting fired.


On the Ultimate Warrior, Bloom said he was a good guy. Enos said they would jump in his limo travel at times then adds how Warrior did not like the business.


Bloom talks about going into semi-retirement after tearing a disc in his back. He believes it was just an accumulation of the abuse his body took over the years.


On working outside of wrestling, Enos said making $150,000 a year today while being on the road 23-25 days a year isnt worth it and he is making more than that running his own painting company. Bloom is in real estate investments. Bloom also talks about guys out of wrestling after their careers end and how they can barely move and have spinal injuries, stating they are a wreck and some of them struggle to even make a living. Enos said all young guys wanting to enter the business should get an education before pursuing a career so they have something to fall back on as he notes the average wrestling career last about five years.


When they reunited in WCW, Bloom said they were trying to make some money by teaming again but a nerve in his neck got so bad he was unable to even bench press.


Enos talks about the nWo in WCW and how he went to Bischoff asking what was going to go up against them and Bischoff himself didnt have an idea as Enos notes you need to have competition. Enos also adds that Bischoff wanted to make everyone happy and told people what they wanted to hear while Vince told people what would happen and that was it.


They are asked about working against High Voltage in WCW. Bloom barely remembers them as Enos said they were from the generation of doing moves without rhyme or reason. He goes further into that by saying Shawn Michaels’ work back then was slow compared to what you see on TV today.


Both guys talk about how they love doing conventions to see fans and old friends.


They are asked to close with another road story but said they gave a lot and do not have another one to give before thanking their fans.


Final Thoughts: I thought this was a fun interview. It breezed along and contained some crazy road stories. Neither guy was bitter about anything and it was refreshing to see how they were relatively healthy and making a decent living outside of wrestling.

The beginning of the interview was a lot of fun but the end did sort of drag to the finish. However, both guys make a good interview subject and seemed likable.

I do recommend this interview for those a fan of crazy road stories and the end of the AWA. It was a good listen.


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