King Kong Bundy


I am currently enjoying the “True Giants” DVD uploaded on the Network, it’s a really good watch. One thing that seemed very strange was when they were talking about King Kong Bundy and singing his praises, Bundy himself didn’t appear. I think he was the only “giant” featured who hasn’t passed away that didn’t appear to talk about his own career. Looking back i can’t remember a single time Bundy as done a legends appearance in WWE, which considering his career seems very strange.

Is there some one-sided heat between Bundy and WWE that stops him from doing WWE appearances that you know of?

​None I’ve ever heard of. Frankly it’s a bit mystifying because he’s a legit omission from the Hall of Fame​, but I think he’s reluctant to sign a Legends deal because he wants to keep doing his own shit. Other than that, I have no idea.