Daniel Bryan’s release


Regarding Daniel Bryan, is it possible that the wwe released him to be cleared by his own doctors as a way to avoid liability? The timing of this seems quite curious. Would love to hear your thoughts.

​Daniel Bryan didn’t actually get released, man.

Also, Bryan can be cleared by as many doctors as he wants, but until the WWE’s own doctor signs off on him, he’s not coming back, because they don’t want another multimillion dollar lawsuit on their hands like with CM Punk. And since their doctor already went on record as saying he should never come back, if they suddenly cleared him to wrestle again now, that would be contradicting themselves and also open up a giant can of legal worms if he gets hurt again. In short, he’s not coming back. This isn’t something they can just exaggerate or lie about for a big surprise return: He’s had mutliple concussions and they are facing serious legal questions about that very topic right now. You’re probably not going to see him wrestle again until his contract runs out in two years and he goes to New Japan or wherever.​