Reigns finisher

Hey Scott,

Why does Reigns use the spear? Doesn’t someone realize the unnecessary stress to the neck, especially after Edge retired. Plus Reigns doesn’t even do it that great, it looks like a tackle. That speaks to a bigger issue with finishers today: as a fan I can’t possibly buy any nearfalls unless a finisher is involved. Austin had the Stunner, but Taker used Tombstone, chokeslam, last ride, gogoplata all as believable finishers. Angle had the angle slam, ankle lock, etc. Today Roman can powerbomb someone in half and it doesn’t matter because it’s not a superman punch/spear. Kevin Owens and a lot of Indy guys suffer also because they use 5 awesome killer moves but get nothing because they’re not "the finisher". Think of how cool it would be if Roman beat a Rusev or Barrett with the Powerbomb, but needed to pull out the big gun for a HHH or Brock.

​Unfortunately, expecting them to learn a lesson after years of guys like Edge getting spinal fusion surgery is asking a lot. And hey, it’s not like three different top guys are already out with neck and shoulder injuries already, that’s just dirt sheet propaganda.

As for the finishers, it helps to think of today’s product like a video game, where you have to build up your special before it does any real damage. ​