Final Four

Hi Scott,

First time, long time.

In preparation for the ’16 Rumble, I’ve been watching some old ones and reading your reviews. I like how you always make a note of the Final Four in the match as it paints a solid picture of the match as a whole.

So, which (2 or 3) had the best and least exciting Final Fours?

Thanks, I’ll take your answer off the air.

​The best would have to be the 2007 one with Shawn and Undertaker as the finale, and I think Batista and someone else as the Final Four. It was a really good group. 1992 was also a classic, with Flair/Hogan/Sid at the end where everyone was a viable winner.

Worst was 2013 with John Cena and three goofs who had no chance, or last year with Roman Reigns, Kane, Big Show and Rusev. ​