Daniel Bryan

Hi Scott,

Despite never having registered or commented on the blog I have been an avid reader for the past few years and these days tend to read the RAW reviews rather than watch the shows and wanted to ask your opinion on Bryan and this year’s rumble.

Given that the ‘Universe’ has monumentally shit all over the rumble in previous years what do you think the odds are of Bryan making his way out at #30? All signs are pointing to him not being medically cleared and the world wide Web would have us believe that he’s close to release… but what if? What if this is Dub Dub E’s best kept secret? I know it would be highly unlikely that big Vinnie and Co would be willing to appease the growing number of disgruntled fans but right now nobody is expecting him to make an appearance which would surely lead to the hugest of pops should that music hit? It would also give a much needed boost to the current worrying mania situation. Have Bryan win the rumble and Lesnar defeat Reigns at Fast lane for number 1 contendership (with some interference from Trips) setting up Bryan/Lesnar and Reigns/Trips?…

Interested to hear your thoughts dude!

Yeah, but setting aside the fact that they have already come out and had their own doctor say he’s done, why would you sabotage the Rumble for a THIRD year in a row?  I know WWE is slow to learn lessons but that’s pushing it even for them.  Even if DB is miraculously healed, keep him the hell away until at least April so poor Roman has a fighting chance to get over!