Hey Scott,

I hope this message reaches you well. I had a question regarding HBK’s 90s run. We all know his reputation precedes him, but thankfully he has gotten his life on the right track. My question is was it a common occurrence for HBK to show up on live tv pilled up out of his mind and if so why would the company allow it as it could have easily turned into a nasty situation. I have a vague memory of a Raw from 98 around Mania 14 time where HBK called Vince a piece of shit. Did this happen or am I totally remembering it wrong? Anyway thanks in advance for answering and keep up the great work.

​He used to show up plastered all the time in the 90s, and yeah, it could have been a scary situation if he wasn’t the best wrestler in the world at that point. I think they actually tried to stop it on different occasions, but Shawn was in a unique position of power in that there was literally no one else to carry the promotion during a vicious war with WCW. He’s always very frank about the whole thing in his book and interviews, although info is limited because he can’t remember any of it. ​