Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope you all had a good weekend as we start plowing through the year of 2016. How about those football games eh? Teams really need to start defending the hail mary better. And yay Carolina if only because Seattle deserved to lose for pissing away the Super Bowl last year. And despite his noodle arm and lack of mobility I still love Peyton Manning, so I’m hoping Jughead can beat Brady in another championship game, get to a fourth Super Bowl and retire.

Anyway enough of that. It’s the go-home episode of RAW for the Royal Rumble that no one going to watch because it’ll start during the second quarter of the NFC Championship game. Of course that game will probably go to overtime meaning the WWE can’t even get those 10 p.m. eyes to check out the Rumble itself. As for the little bit of booking I’ve been following it seems like they have booked themselves in a little corner here. It’s going to be Reigns or HHH or Brock right? This means my dream of a Brock-Samoa Joe slugfest at Wrestlemania isn’t going to happen :(.

In spite of the booking the Rumble is still supposed to be a fun event. Who’s going to be the surprise entrant from the attitude era? Please don’t tell me Billy Gunn or something like that. And who will represent from NXT? I’m assuming they will have a Battle Royal or something on their Jan. 22 show for that privilege.

Anyway tonight on TV

Warriors at Cavs in a NBA Finals Rematch
Rockets at Clippers in rematch of two random teams from the West
College Basketball
The Bachelor
NCIS Los Angeles, etc. etc.

Keep it clean!