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Finn Balor Update

Vince McMahon reportedly wants Finn Balor on the main roster. However, Triple H has reportedly been stressing that they need to be patient with Balor and bringing him up with a stable has reportedly received a negative reaction as the feeling was that his character needs a slow build that shows off it’s versatility. This past Fall, there were talks of Balor coming up to the main roster with a “Balor Club” stable but there were no concrete plans as to who would be part of the group. During a RAW in December, there was also an idea pitched for a stable of several NXT wrestlers to be called up to the main roster (not specifically the “Balor Club”) but Triple H was also against that, feeling that the NXT brand could suffer with so many names taken away at once.



AJ Styles Offered Big Money by the WWE?

According to the PWTorch, Ring of Honor was looking to sign Styles to a long-term, “big money” deal. However, once Styles told Ring of Honor what the WWE was offering him, the company removed Styles from all dates as the WWE offer for Styles was described as a “blow away” offer.

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