Rumble 15 better ending


After reliving the wonderfully insane crowd of 2014’s Rumble, you’d have to think (wrongly) that they’d do everything possible to not have the crowd turn on Roman and the Rumble. Obviously in retrospect, having Bryan just not be in would’ve made much better sense, but why not just let Bryan in at 10, and have him dominate the early stages against Bray, Rusev and others until Roman comes out at 22-25. He dominates and dumps the big lugs (Kane, Show) and it whittled down to just them. Obviously the crowd is pro bryan but from a spectator stand point, the crowd has been positively in to the match the entire way. Roman survives and tosses Bryan, points to sign, show goes off the air and negativity is off camera.

​Here’s what I don’t get: If they were going to do Bryan v. Reigns for the title shot at Fast Lane anyway, why not just put Bryan over at the Rumble to give fans the happy ending there and then Reigns can win in February? It’s not like fans would be any more or less pissed off at Reigns that way and that way Reigns gets the bigger rub of beating the Rumble winner.​