Sting & Kerry Von Erich enough?

Hey an interesting bit on the JJ Dillon post earlier. He mentioned how Crockett was THIS close to buying out World Class from Fritz so he could have that roster ready for the free Clash opposite Wrestlemania IV. So how close was this deal, & would them Von Erich boys have made a splash for Crockett/WcW? Anywhere outside the south? If done well, I kinda like it along with the UWF purchase. Man that has invasion written all over it.

Things turn out any differently for Crockett with an invasion taken seriously lead by Sting, Dr Death, Kerry Von Erich & Kevin Von Erich? Was Brody there too? Any buys for you Bloom? Sounds titties to me.

Thanks much, yada yada yada

​Yeah, but Crockett wasted the UWF roster, and even if he bought World Class I can’t see him pushing the Von Erichs any harder. Kerry and Kevin were big fish in a small pond, and moving to JCP full time would have made them just more guys. ​