Sting/Flair Clash I question

> Sting being announced for the WWE Hall of Fame got me thinking about his big 45 min draw main event against Flair at Clash I. What level of an experiment was it, exactly? We know Sting was immediately mighty over as soon as he came in, but was it something that they had planned to do at some point with him knowing he was or would get really over, or was it more like Ryback in the Hell in a Cell match in 2012, where they (and Flair) looked around and said "Hey, this guy is pretty over and we need someone for the main event of this show…let’s try this guy"?

Yup. Luger was the guy, Sting was just some kid from UWF who didn’t know how to work NWA style. There was no intention of going all the way with Sting at that point. And hey, I would have picked Luger too.