Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Over/Under on times Ric Flair cries during SCSA podcast? 3.

Sooooooo….it’s safe to say that RAW doesn’t have to worry about getting any viewers in the southeast tonight? Luckily for them it’s two southeastern teams playing in the college football national championship and not like Ohio State vs. Alabama or something that will dominate two large regions.

Another funny thing, WWE is putting its second-most important show of the year head-to-head with one of the three highest-rated sporting events of the year? They realize that the second NFL conference championship game won’t be finished until around 10 p.m. right? So they could have moved this to Saturday since it’s mostly network based and without football or a UFC PPV to counter…maybe having a Saturday PPV isn’t the worst thing that could happen given the numbers.

Last year the Green Bay-Seattle game hit close to 60 million viewers in the overtime. 60 million!

The night game (Patriots-Colts I think) was closer to 42-43 million but it was a horrible blowout.

Seriously WWE what are ya thinking man? There’s zero chance that a non-network subscriber bothers to watch the card if the second game is remotely competitive.

Despite that I’m considering seeing NXT at UCF on the 22nd. Looks like it would be a fun card. Maybe I can convince the family to stay the night and do all-access the next day…actually I will probably shop but tell them that we’ll do all-access the next day. Yeah. That’s much more likely.

Anyway, enjoy your Monday. You know this girl that grew up minutes east of the Alabama state line is going to be watching some football tonight! With no dog in the fight I say Go Clemson Tide! 😉

Keep it clean!