Saturday Newz Update


Also, TNA had a PPV last night. This is really a thing that happened.

More importantly, fifth episode of Making a Murderer. I literally am unable to binge this show and forcibly have to limit myself to one episode per night because it’s too gut-wrenching to take more than an hour of this bullshit at a time. What’s really getting to me is that there’s clearly evidence piling up that Avery was a horrible person who was apparently obsessed with Teresa and this should have been a slam dunk conviction. And yet the police felt the need to tamper with evidence anyway just to be on the safe side! Like, if he’s guilty, then do your fucking jobs and find the evidence that’s there. A dude with a 70 IQ should not be smarter than the police department and require a coached confession from a 16-year old to build a case! FUCK THIS SHOW. Why can’t I stop watching? DAMMIT.