What is the business sense in Lesnar working house shows?

In case you weren’t aware (and why would you be, WWE hasn’t acknowledged it at all), Brock Lesnar is facing Sheamus at a house show tonight in Houston. A couple weeks ago, he fought Del Rio at a house show in L.A. Unlike the Japan and MSG shows, neither of them is being taped or aired on the Network or anything.

I genuinely don’t understand the business sense behind this. They’ve spent the last few years building up Lesnar as a special attraction. When Lesnar shows up, it’s a fucking event.

Lesnar’s contract is known to be enormous and calls for him to work a limited number of dates. Why would they waste any of them on untelevised house shows?

Even if his contract states that he will work a handful of house shows….why? Why would they even negotiate a contract like that? If you’re paying a guy millions of dollars to work part time, wouldn’t you want to maximize every single appearance? Wouldn’t you want to make sure that every time Lesnar shows up, it’s on TV or PPV and there’s a reason for it?

Maybe there’s a reason I just don’t get or am not seeing, but for as much as they pay Lesnar, I don’t see the point of him working untelevised matches in front of a few thousand fans at meaningless house shows.

Especially now, when it seems like half the damn roster is injured going into Wrestlemania season. There’s no question that WM32 is almost certainly going to be built around Brock Lesnar in the main event or in a high profile match. Why risk the possibility of him getting hurt for absolutely no reason?

​Got me. Brock post-renewal has been handled very strangely in all aspects. And yeah, I have no idea why you’d waste him on a house unless he wanted a tune-up for the Rumble or something. At least he doesn’t have a shoulder injury that needs surgery…yet.​