Friday Newz Update

Not really a spoiler from the latest NXT tapings, but Jordan & Gable will now be known as AMERICAN ALPHA, as I once again wonder why the hell these guys aren’t challenging the New Day on RAW right goddamn now.  Sure, it sounds like a WWE Name Generator creation of “American Top Team + Team Alpha Male”, but who wouldn’t buy a shirt like that?

Conor McGregor will indeed step up to lightweight and challenge Dos Anjos for his title in March.  UFC had previously sworn up and down this sort of thing would never happen, and then they saw the buyrate for Conor v. Aldo and reluctantly agreed to let him do whatever he wants forever.

Also, I’m on episode four of Making a Murderer and this show MAKES ME SO ANGRY. Are you KIDDING ME, Wisconsin?  I was almost to the point of jumping off my seat and yelling “ASK FOR A FUCKING LAWYER, YOU DUMMY!” when they were “interrogating” the poor stupid kid.  And yet I must continue to watch despite the damage it’s doing to my psyche.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the newly redone Rantsylvania Returns, featuring the fast food stylings of Danimal.  And hey, if you’ve got a non-wrestling column you’d like to contribute, drop me a line.  If I let HIM write for me, I’ll probably let anyone.  Like, literally, anyone.