The Panic Button


With Cena missing Wrestlemania, and 100,000 seats to fill (Ha!), what type of BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY booking does Vince have left to fill the gap? Do WWE’s doctors suddenly decide that Daniel Bryan’s concussion issues aren’t that bad? Somehow convince Stone Cold or HBK to lace up the boots on more time? LeBron James vs. The Big Show? What would you do at this point in his shoes?

​I don’t think WM is necessarily the panic point for them. They’ve already sold a lot of tickets, but it just messes up their already-messed card even further. The concern with Cena is likely more that their big ratings savior is now gone again​, plus they don’t have anyone to headline a bunch of house shows outside of Reigns. And in general, at some point Cena was gonna have to make someone new a star by giving them the rub, and now you’re left with all these midcard goofs trading wins and no actual stars. Not to mention that Cena’s 38 and already beat up as it is — miracle recuperative powers aside, you just can’t keep doing damage to your body like that and not expect to slow down later. Look at what happened to Orton after years of abuse, too.