WCW Wednesday part 9 — Souled Out ’98!


So how did WCW begin their PPV calendar in 1998?

Let’s run down the card:

  • Lucha Libre match: Juventud Guerrera, Super Calo, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., & Lizmark beat Psicosis, Silver King, El Dandy, & La Parka
  • Raven’s rules: Chris Benoit made Raven pass out.
  • Cruiserweight title match: Chris Jericho hooked the Liontamer to beat Rey Mysterio, Jr. and win the title.
  • World TV title match: Booker T retains against Rick Martel.
  • Scott Hall beat announcer Larry Zbyszko with the help of new nWo member Dusty Rhodes.
  • Steiners & Ray Traylor defeated Konnan, Scott Norton, & Buff Bagwell.
  • Kevin Nash almost killed the Giant with a botched powerbomb.
  • Bret Hart made his WCW PPV wrestling debut by making Ric Flair submit to the Sharpshooter.
  • Mysterious card position match: Lex Luger racked Randy Savage, fell victim to an nWo beatdown, but was rescued by Sting.

I can safely say that I need to revisit this PPV. I recall seeing La Parka exerting his authority as the CHAIRMAN of WCW. Also, Bret-Flair was really good. The Dusty Rhodes heel turn floored me when I saw the show live, but it was done so that Scott Hudson & Mike Tenay could take over WCW Saturday Night announcing duties.

Lest we forget on the Monday prior to this show, while Hogan faced the Giant on Nitro, “Iron” Mike Tyson had a confrontation with Stone Cold Steve Austin on RAW.

What are your memories/thoughts?

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