Rumble Idea

Hey Scott,

I thought it was brilliant whoever had the idea a couple years ago back when Chris Jericho was doing his not speaking bit that he would be the 30th participant and enter after everybody else had been eliminated. Obviously it can’t happen this year, but it’s too good to not use in the near future.

Here’s the thing, though: you don’t count as an official entrant unless you set foot inside the ring.

In a hypothetical Rumble (using names just so this idea makes some sense. I know they won’t be there), Kevin Owens and Apollo Crews are the last two standing in the ring. They eliminate each other, then the buzzer goes for entrant #30, Finn Balor. Everyone is in shock and thinks that he’s the winner, but Crews and Owens know that Balor needs to enter the ring in order to win. They double-team him on the ramp. and it’s a crazy brawl throughout the crowd for 5 – 10 minutes Balor’s doing everything he can to get into the ring, and Owens and Crews are doing everything they can to stop it. Almost like a reverse Rumble.


​Yeah, but what’s the point of the finish except to be cute, unless it’s for an arrogant heel like Jericho? The idea is supposed to be that the "winner" is totally undeserving and you want to see someone beat him legit later. Just doing the finish because it’s a clever finish doesn’t really help anyone.​