Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope all of you rang in the new year with happiness and had a fun, safe time for the remainder of the weekend.

Now that the new year is here I’m going to try to get back on the WWE wagon at least through Wrestlemania. MOST of the time the period from the final build to the Royal Rumble through Extreme Rules does not suck. They’ve tried hard to make it suck over the past couple of years but it’s survived. This time is going to be a little harder but I’m hopeful it will at least be fun.

If I could get a few things in 2016 to make me a more frequent watcher I’d probably do the following:

— Break Rusev off and push him to the point of where he can be a top challenger for Reigns post-WM: I don’t see Rusev winning the Rumble but I’d like for him to at least be Reigns’ main foil post Wrestlemania and going into the summer. I love Rusev. I think he’s taken a lot of potentially bad stories and made them work on some level. He really won me over at TLC with the simplest of things: he’s beating down Ryback post-match and has him in the accolade on the floor. Lana is clapping and approving and he takes a minute to smile at her live a loving husband and give her a kiss while still applying the hold on Ryback and then he goes back to his mean mug. That’s great improv there. He’s both a mean asshole and a loving fiance’. And it’s one of those little details that give a character the charm that gets them over.

— Give New Day someone new: Whether Enzo and Cass get the call up or someone else the New Day desperately need a new challenger to keep their act fresh. They have been doing wonders with the crop of opponents they’ve been given but it’s starting to feel old.

— Brock vs. Samoa Joe at WM: I know you guys want Brock vs. Owens and I’m really cool with that but tell me Brock vs. Joe wouldn’t be even more awesome?

There is plenty of good TV on…especially a 1 vs. 2 in college basketball. So watch it!

Keep it clean!