The Ho-Train

Hi Scott,

Watching some late 90’s PPVs (playing through "Austin 3:16" Mode in WWE 2K16 will do that; highest possibly recommendation btw), and as such I’ve become re-acquainted with the Godfather and his ho-train. I remember as a horny 16 year-old really loving this part of the show, but watching it now as a 30-something I’m just left wondering… who were these girls? I mean, he had a different batch every show, so I’m assuming they were local strippers or something?

What was in it for them? Would Vince cut them a check to appear, or were people getting flyers to see them dance later that night at the Cheetah Club or something, and this was just free promotion? Both?

It’s actually hard to believe at that point that there was no official WWE-produced pornography given everything else they were doing that wouldn’t fit in AT ALL with the current/PG era.

​Yeah, mostly they were just strippers or other adult entertainers that were hired on a per-show basis as extras. Godfather owns at least one strip club in Vegas and was basically pulled out of semi-retirement at that gig to become the Godfather, so he’s got lots of business connections in the field.

And given the relationship they had with Playboy where they would produce Divas specifically to pose nude for the magazine for a while there, I’m kind of surprised myself that they never went any further with it. ​