Quickfire questions

Hi Scott. A few quick random questions:

1. Worst wrestling film: Ready to Rumble or No Holds Barred?

2. Kayfabe, in their prime, who wins between Vader and Brock?

3. How do feel about the new Star Trek TV show, and who would you dream cast as the captain?

4. Slightly morbid, but if you could pull a soap opera twist and have it turn out any one dead wrestler isn’t really dead, and returns to WWE, who do you pick? Side option is it turns out Hogan was framed as a racist and can go back in the conversation.

​1. Ready to Rumble. At least No Holds Barred wasn’t insulting the fanbase of the people that were supposed to be paying to see it.

​2. Brock. Vader did jobs pretty frequently for someone at his level.

3. That show will be unavailable in Canada unless something changes that I haven’t heard about, so fuck them.

4. ​Owen Hart as the Higher Power would have been pretty spectacular, if in horrible taste. But I would just have liked him to be alive.