Brody in the HOF

Hi Scott,

Is there any specific reason Bruiser Brody isn’t in the HOF yet? I know he pissed off a lot of promoters in his time, but was there a particular incident with Vince or Vince Sr. that has caused his absence thus far? He’s always been kind of a legendary figure, so to speak, for fans who never got to see him wrestler while he was alive.

Maybe Daniel Bryan could induct him? I’m assuming the fur he took to wearing on his boots was in homage to Brody.

Or is there still to much controversy surrounding Brody’s death?


​Yeah, Brody never worked for Vince and didn’t want to do business with Hogan (probably a smart move in his case), and they’d be opening up a big can of worms with his death that I’m sure no one would want…I can understand passing him over. He wasn’t such an overwhelmingly legendary figure that he needs to go into the Hall of Fame of a promotion where he had no real history. And he died well before much of the current generation of fans even started watching.​