Alternate wrestlemania 14

​1. ​
Bret doesn’t get "screwed" and is there to put over Austin at mania. Where does Bret go from there?

​I’m assuming a couple of months of rematches, but Bret was wanting a reduced role anyway. ​I would think he would put Austin over a few times and then wrestle Ken Shamrock or do a team with Owen or something.

​2. ​
What is Shawn’s role at that event?

​I could see him putting over HHH, actually. That’d be a hell of a triple main event. ​

​3. ​
Bret’s gone and HBK vs Austin is penciled in. Shawn’s back is even more messed up that eh 100% can’t go. Who then puts Austin over at mania?

​Choices are getting kinda thin​ at that point. Hell, they barely were able to come up with a heel challenger for Austin after he won the title! I’m honestly not sure if they even had a backup plan if Shawn couldn’t go. Shamrock? Undertaker?