Plea for a Plug: Conor McGregor Edition

Hey Scott,

You’ve been kind enough to plug a handful of my articles, and here is one more.

I did a rundown of one of the busiest couple of weeks in recent memory for the UFC, and played Word Association with all of the big names who were effected.

Among the things I discuss:

Conor McGregor further cemented himself as a top draw for life (they’re going to be playing highlights of that KO for YEARS now), Luke Rockhold reminded us that he’s been kind of awesome this whole time and we just forgot, Chris Weidman hit a huge stumbling block, Donald Cerrone lost (but maintains his status at unofficial Intercontinental Champion), Rafael dos Anjos would probably kill Conor McGregor, unofficial Divas Champion Paige VanZant was completely exposed, and Sage Northcutt is kind of creepy.

Oh yeah, and a godddamn Diaz brother fought his ass off and then dropped a pipe bomb promo.
​Yeah, I think Conor is now a tippy top guy no matter what, because he talked the talk for months and then backed it up. ​