TV Picks?

Hey Scott,

You used to drop in periodically with thoughts about TV you were watching – 24, Dexter, Prison Break, Lost, etc.

Anything you’ve been watching lately you’ve liked?
JESSICA JONES LIKE A MOFO, BABY! One of the best Marvel shows ever, if not THE best. It’s not all dire and dark like Daredevil and Killgrave is one of the greatest villains they’ve ever come up with. It’s funny, nuanced, incredibly tense, with a cool premise and Luke Cage is badass. I was sad that we finished blowing through it after only a couple of weeks.

Also my other well-known obsession is The Flash, which is the kind of balls-out batshit crazy superhero awesomeness that many of us were hoping to get all along.

​Gave Supergirl 5 episodes and then dropped it. Too cheesy.

Marathoned “…with Bob and David” on Netflix and it was like old times on Mr. Show.  Too bad there was only 4 episodes, but there’s no downtime as a result. It’s some really high-level hilarious stuff.  “Do you think God is some kind of MONSTER who just forgives everyone?”

That’s about it at the moment. Like the stupid Amazon Fire commercial says, I’m kind of falling into the Showhole at the moment and waiting for something new and awesome to drop on Netflix. I’ll probably finish up Sons of Anarchy at some point, but since [spoiler] stabbed [spoiler] in the face with a kitchen utensil at the end of season 6, my wife has been too freaked out to continue watching​. I HAVE, however, been reading the Boom comic series that takes place in between seasons, and it’s pretty damn cool stuff.