NXT in 2017

Hi Scott

I was​ ​
thinking about the year-end NXT review, what is scary (in a good way) is they already have storylines in place which can carry them from the Dallas takeover through to Brooklyn and we’re three months and change away from Dallas.

My fantasy booking says the top of the card in Dallas is Asuka beating Bayley and Joe going over Finn – preferrably with some sort of stipulation to blow the fued off like no DQ or street fight. Then NXT is headlined through the summer by Joe, Asuka and Gable & Jordan.

> Joe has feuds with Corbyn and Apollo already set up and a feud with Sami would be easy (injured champ returns to reclaim the title he never truly lost).
> Asuka can continue to feud with Emma & Dana and they can use Carmella’s real life friendship with Bayley to set-up something there. Either option, Asuka/Emma/Dana or Asuka/Carmella/Bailey, would also make for great three way matches if they wanted to shake things up a bit.
> Gable & Jordan vs the Mechanics, Enzo & Big Cass or the Hype Bros all pretty well write themselves.

It just shows what happens when you have titles which matter, characters with clear motivations and an attention span longer than a seven year old with ADHD.

Happy new year!


The sad thing is that old, ballsy Vince would have brought Gable and Jordan to the main roster already and pushed them to the fucking moon instead of wasting them on NXT. There is zero reason why both them and Enzo/Cass shouldn’t be on the main show right now.