Who’s politicking who?

Hey Scott,

Following up on a question about Cena/HHH politicking a while back, is there any smark concept that needs to be put to bed harder than politicking? Beyond the fact that no one can even nail down what politicking is, I feel like it’s the most annoying way possible for someone to say, "I dislike wrestler A." Hogan, HHH, Cena, HBK, Goldberg, etc… whenever fans start to get sick of someone, it always becomes more personal than just "I hate this guy either for his character (in the wrong way) or wrestling ability." It always descends into, "He must be some Machiavellian genius who always moves things to go just his way."

I mean, I hate HHH as much as the next guy but Vince obviously saw something in the guy. Hulk was going over in nearly every ’84-93 match regardless of whether he politicked, and even the most frustrated anti-Hogan fan would’ve been stupid to not keep him on top during that time. Ditto Cena circa 2005-Now. Politicking has become just another tired way for wrestling fans to voice their dissatisfaction with the product after they’ve gotten tired with, "PG is stupid."


​You’re painting with a very wide brush there, and I’ll leave it at that.​