What about a Divas Mini-Rumble?

On the subject of Divas in the Rumble… why not do something where the Divas just get their own mini-Rumble? You could put it on the pre-show or as a cool-down after the World Title match or whatever, and honestly, it could have some benefits. In an ideal world, the writers could use that for building an okay storyline toward Wrestlemania that isn’t based around the normal stupid Divas tropes, and you could bring in a few of the NXT Divas to round out a ten to fifteen person Rumble match so that you could test the kind of reactions the NXT ladies would get on the main roster, IE, does Bayley’s popularity in NXT translate to a big pop from the normal crowd?

Really, the only real downsides are that it’d be a bad match and the crowd would probably shit all over it from a match perspective, but that’s the case for most PPV Divas matches NOW, so it’s not like it’d be significantly different.

​It’s not a bad idea, for sure. You have at least 9 women as it is, plus Natalya, and as noted you can always grab 5 people from NXT to make 15. Do one-minute intervals and the winner gets a title shot at Charlotte at Wrestlemania, done deal. That way it doesn’t matter who’s the babyface or heel or whatever. I approve of this idea.​