Random Macho Man question

Hey Scott.

I was rewatching the 1989 Royal Rumble and it reminded me of an angle I completely forgot about. When Savage enters the Rumble he goes right after Bad News and there’s some mention in the commentary of a vague issue between them. I was watching WWF pretty religiously during that time but for the life of me I can’t remember any of this feud. Any insight?

Yeah, they were doing the house show circuit with a series of street fights for the WWF title. It was pretty awesome stuff. The actual feud wasn’t anything more than the usual insta-feud from the time, but it did good business.

Funny story related to the matches: The feud ran through March, so Macho had turned heel in February and kept defending the belt against Bad News because it was doing so well. And as a result of the turn, business went up even MORE, but Macho was a heel with nuclear heat, to the point where Bad News Brown was suddenly getting babyface reactions in those matches just for being the guy to oppose Savage. If you ever see any of those matches on YouTube, it’s pretty hilarious. ​