Sami/KO at WM

People have been speculating a lot about the top of the card at Wrestlemania, but don’t you think a Sami/KO match could be a fantastic opener? Owens doesn’t have anything more interesting going on at this point and he’s not winning the Rumble or facing UT, Reigns, Brock, or Cena. The story is already written, and I think the heat for the match would be incredible. Owens going over and injuring Sami again could potentially give him the final push to be the top heel that he and the company desperately need right now. What do you think?

​WM might be too long to stretch it out if Sami’s ready to come back to the main roster. Just have him jump Owens on RAW this week and do it at the Rumble. It’s not like there isn’t already 10 years of backstory they could put into a video package, and both guys can just go out and do a promo to explain the whole deal anyway. I don’t feel like WM has been a particularly good outlet for undercard guys in recent years anyway, and it’s more likely they’d stick them into a multi-man schmoz to get everyone a payday. ​