Andre The Giant


Prior to mid 1984, Andre The Giant was often loaned out to different territories for short runs in the states and would go to Japan several times a year.

By late 84, Andre no longer was sent to territories, If not mistaken, his last territory run was a brief stop in World Class in early 84.

However, he still would tour Japan on a regular basis up until his death years later.

Was Andre WWF contract different from others post expansion in terms he could take international bookings a few times a year as long as it did not interfere with his WWF commitments?

I ask because Scott Hall has stated he asked to take international bookings for extra money a few times a year and Vince flat out said no prior to Scott going to WCW, and other than WWF sanctioned tours I do not recall any WWF stars other than Andre being able to take dates that were not WWF related while under contract post expansion.

​Well yeah, obviously Andre had a special deal with Vince. It was Andre! He wasn’t gonna be taking any more bookings in the US outside of the WWF, though. ​