Option A or Option B

Option A or Option B – Part V: The Options Strike Back!
Hi Scott
For those who aren’t familiar with this, I send Scott a question/scenario and ask which he prefers, A or B?


Number 1
Better entrance music sang by the actual wrestler(s) it was for
Option A – The Quebecers, “We’re not The Mounties”
Option B – Tyler Breeze, “Mmmmmmmm, Gorgeous!”

I’m not a big fan of Breeze’s music. The Quebecers are a classic theme.

Number 2
Who would Hogan have done better business with during his babyface run in WCW during 94-96 if they were healthy enough to do it?
Option A – Curt Hennig
Option B – Rick Rude

The Hennig program had been done already and didn’t draw in the WWF, whereas Rude would have been fresh and awesome.

Number 3
If Sting comes to WWF in the early 90’s, what big match would you have rather seen
Option A – Sting Vs Ultimate Warrior in a Babyface Vs Babyface Match
Option B – Sting Vs a Heel Undertaker around 91/92

Sting-Undertaker would have been a trainwreck at that point. I’d go with the Warrior match.

Number 4
More likely of being able of making it in a major American company during the 2000’s
Option A – Jun Akiyama
Option B – Satoshi Kojima

Kojima was already close to American-style already, so I’d go with him.

Number 5
Better match involving Mick Foley
Option A – Dude Love Vs Stone Cold at Over The Edge 98
Option B – Cactus Jack Vs Vader at Halloween Havoc 93

As a match? The Vader one. As a spectacle, the Austin one.

Number 6
Better Undercard Tag team
Option A – The Killer Bees
Option B – Z-Man and Flyin’ Brian

As workers? Zenk and Pillman by far.

Number 7
Better gimmick
Option A – Hardcore Holly starts referring to himself as “The Big Shot” and starts announcing himself as weighing in excess of 400 pounds
Option B – Al Snow goes crazy due to years of being a jobber and starts thinking a mannequin head can talk to him

The Holly gimmick was great. That’s the winner by far.

Number 8
Better Hardcore Title Match
Option A – Raven Vs Rhino at Backlash 2001
Option B – Jeff Hardy Vs Rob Van Dam at Invasion 2001

I don’t even remember either one.

Number 9
Better series of matches
Option A – Super Crazy, Tajiri and Little Guido during 1999 in ECW
Option B – Billy Kidman and Juventud Guerrera during 1998 in WCW

I barely remember the Kidman matches, so I guess A.

Number 10
Who will be more successful on the main WWE roster
Option A – Finn Balor
Option B – Apollo Crews

Crews, because I think Balor will resist coming up for as long as humanly possible.