Curtis Hughes, 1993

Hi! Long time listener, first time caller.

I’ve been watching Raw episodes from 1993 on the WWE Network, and I’m a little curious what happened to Mr. Hughes. He had gotten fairly over courtesy his feud with Taker over the urn, and in his last match looks fairly strong in a beatdown of Tatanka. At the same time, he had the "big mean bastard" gimmick DOWN, and was relatively agile for his size at the time.

Was there anything specific that led to Curtis Hughes’ seemingly abrupt departure in 1993?


​Nothing specific. They just really soured on him abruptly and he did a bunch of jobs on the way out. I’ve heard rumors about drug problems, but the note in the Observer is just "Mr. Hughes will not be returning" and that’s the end of it. I know the 99 run with Jericho had VERY specific reasons behind his departure (apparently he was found to be hanging out in very unsavory S&M clubs and they didn’t want to deal with the PR problems) but in 93 he seemed to be exactly the kind of big fat monster they loved. ​