What are the chances?

> Been thinking about the booking the past couple weeks and the all-in on Reigns approach. What are the chances Mania sees a triple threat main event (it’s kinda become the standard now) where Reigns goes over both Triple H and the Rock with something like Ronda as the "special enforcer" to negate Stephanie at ringside? She wouldn’t need much time away from her film schedule to appear . I don’t know how the fans would take it, but I can absolutely see Rock being down to do the honors for family. Personally, my skin would crawl at this scenario, but they seem prepped to REALLY go the distance on this push.
> Quick follow ups:
> 1.) Is that booking overkill or is it just the greatest rocket up the ass of all time?
> 2.) Add in Cena-Taker and say Brock – Wyatt (who better to job after a couple weeks/months of heat? It’s his specialty) with Steve Austin as the host. Enough to sell out JerryWorld?

I feel like the rumored Daniel Bryan redux is how they’re gonna go. Brock wins the Rumble, and HHH books himself in a title match to open the show, so that Reigns has to beat both guys in order to gain the big triumph.