The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–12.01.84

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 12.01.84

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Boyd Pierce

First up, a video package about Terry Taylor, who was doing the All-American boy gimmick at this point in his career, as we get a variety of 80s special video effects and a montage of women thinking he’s dreamy.

Buddy Landell & Dale Veasey v. Brand Armstrong & Terry Taylor

Brad was North American champion at this point, which made him big dog in Mid-South. Buddy decides to slap Brad around, so the babyfaces clean house and they’re a HOUSE OF FIRE! So Veasey, who is pretty jacked for a jobber, comes in and in immediately eats a five-arm at 1:30.

Meanwhile, Jim Duggan won’t stand for those Iranians taking hostages and disrespecting the American flag, especially Skandor Akbar. And what better way to express this than country music in a video package?

Iceman Parsons returns from injury, and he’s going to take it out on Akbar.

Kamala v. Mike Starbuck

Random question: Why did “Friday” become “Kimchee”? Kamala as usual blitzes the poor bastard with chops and chokes him out, then finishes with the splash at 1:50. The jobber was so devastated that he retired from the business and started his own chain of coffee shops instead – Mike’s Coffee! Bet you thought I was going for something else there.

Bob Owens & Mark Hill v. The Rock N Roll Express

Holy cow what a reaction for the RNR. Those who are fooling themselves into thinking that Roman Reigns is “over” need to watch this. The Express works over Owens’ arm in the corner while I once again feel like I should relate the story that Bill Watts told about these guys. Basically Bill was looking for a way to juice the territory, and Jerry Jarrett asked him where his “blowjobs” were. Bill had never heard the term before, so Jerry explained that Watts had tough guys up and down the card, but no good looking guys for the teenage girls to cheer for. So Bill traded Rick Rude and a couple of other guys to Memphis in exchange for the Rock N Roll Express, and suddenly business exploded with the pre-teen set thanks to the MX v. Rock N Roll feud. Anyway, double dropkick finishes Mark Hill at 2:35.

Ted Dibiase v. Shawn Michaels

This is very close to Shawn’s debut in the sport. Dibiase throws him around a bit and drops the elbow, but Shawn surprises him with a bodypress for two and small package for two. Sunset flip gets two, but Dibiase has had enough of this shit and puts him down with the middle rope elbow and powerslam to set up the figure-four at 3:04.

Chavo & Hector Guerrero v. Tony Faulk & Tim Horner

The Guerreros are charmingly dubbed “The Alamo Busters” and wear bandoleros to the ring. Just in case they need to Gatling gun someone I guess. Horner dominates Chavo with armdrags and he runs away, but the Guerreros cheat to win and double-team Faulk in the corner, leading to a Chavo senton to finish at 3:00.

“Sheik” Hercules Hernandez v. Mike Jackson

I don’t remember Hercules going Muslim at all, but really he doesn’t commit to the bit beyond wearing a head-dress to the ring. Otherwise it’s the same old Hercules, except now he’s managed by Akbar, and he tosses Jackson around and chokes away in the corner. He drops Jackson on the top rope and finishes with the cobra clutch at 2:00. I liked him better as Cornette’s bodyguard, but I guess the Express were gone to World Class by this point anyway.

Butch Reed v. Jack Victory

Victory was just a job guy at this point and apparently Reed has turned babyface since last we saw him. Victory cheats to gain the advantage in a test of strength, but Reed pounds him down and gets a pair of dropkicks as the announcers actually explain the storyline – Akbar was like “America sucks!” and Reed was like “Fuck you, America is awesome!” and thus he turned face. Good enough, although if anyone should never turn babyface ever, it’s Butch Reed. Reed works the arm, holding on to an armbar through Victory’s bodyslam, and the gorilla slam and shoulderblock finish at 3:46.

We wrap things up for another week with a special look at Butch Reed.

Obviously this show was included for the Shawn Michaels squash appearance, because otherwise it was pretty standard stuff without anything of note.