Please help me understand something.

There may be reasons for this but there seems to be many inconsistencies with dubbing over certain theme songs. For example why is it that Black Sabbath’s Iron Man can be played for the LOD, yet DDP’s obvious Nirvana ripoff is dubbed over?

Also, did WWE come to some agreement with Michael Buffer? I remember in 24/7, all of his ring announcing was recorded over. And speaking of Buffer, why is Gary Michael Capetta
overdubbed from time to time? Is that because they couldn’t overdub whatever wrestlers music without having to take him off the track too?

The most simple answer is that nobody knows for sure, including people who I have spoken with that do this stuff as a part of their jobs. Basically the rule is "If we’re not sure, edit it out and we can always fix it later." And 90% of the time no one is sure.

Buffer in particular has a very complex deal and I believe they had to negotiate stuff like the Network with him on a per-show basis. But yes, they use Capetta to overdub music issues, much like Finkel on the ones the WWE has.

So short answer: Who knows? Long answer: Fuck if anyone knows.