A Series of Things That Make No Damn Sense

Here are some things that almost gave me an aneurysm on raw.

1. Why would the League of Nations attack Neville? He has not feuded with them at all and was last seen in a feud with miz. And of course it’s not like he’s going to join the feud which would make sense. On smackdown he jumps back into his stardust feud for no reason at all.

2. Why is Kane jumping back in a feud with the wyatts? His original feud was about as one sided a thrashing as it could be. With the undertaker he beat them multiple times 2 on 4. Now he just has a singles match with bray for no reason or stakes just so he can substitute for rhyno in another tired feud with no justification. Why not at least do a vignette were the wyatts claim they are not done with Kane to at least have this make some sense?

3. This is a dead horse but why are faces not helping each other out from heal attacks? In the attitude era at least there was a vignette with the John Wayne babyface telling his friend that he has to face the heel on his own so he doesn’t want anyone else involved. Why can’t we have that so stuff makes sense? It would take two minutes out of a 3 hour program. They should at least have Cole mention this in between twitter hashtags.

​If you spend your time worrying about things like logic and storylines you’ll just drive yourself crazy. I would suggest checking out Mid-South Wrestling on the Network, which has logical builds and storyline motivations that make sense and are maintained over a period of months. Plus Ted Dibiase.