Piper-Hogan Redeux

Hey Scott,

Just wondering. Whenever Hogan talks about Piper (And sometimes when Piper talked about Hogan) the big topic that eventually comes up is the fact that Piper refused to job and how, if he went down just once, they could’ve done huge business and maybe Piper would’ve even been champ or something.

How on the ball is this? To wit, was Piper smart to be defensive of his position in the Hogan feud? On the one hand, you had Savage, who seemed to always be up for the job and still be able to main event at a moment’s notice. On the other, you had every other Hulk fodder wrestler.

So was Piper smart in protecting himself or should he have taken the dive? They probably would’ve given him the WMII Main Event if nothing else.

​I gotta side with Piper on this one. Wrestling was about looking out for yourself, and Piper maintained a top spot without having to fall victim to the Hulk Machine and probably made more money in the long run than he would have with a Wrestlemania payoff. Plus it drove Hogan completely nuts, so that’s a pleasant bonus as well. ​