Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’ Doomers!

I hope all of you are having a great holiday season. It’s been busy as all here. I did get a chance to watch NXT Takeover and have a couple of quick thoughts.

— Emma is a really good worker if they grow the women’s division into the WWE. She can be a face or a heel and perform well in a top program or a mid-card program. The Asuka vs. Mean Girls program has probably been my favorite in NXT besides the build up to Joe-Balor and it wasn’t for a title or anything. The blowoff match was very good too.

— Samoa Joe is probably done for a while, I see him as an NXT/WWE special attraction type but if we got Samoa Joe vs. Brock at Wrestlemania that would. be. awesome. If we can get the build to that at the Royal Rumble that would be even better.

— Time to move Corbin and Balor up to the next level. Not sure when Zayn or Itami is scheduled to return but when one or the other does they can move the belt off Balor and move him up. Enzo and Cass should also be on the move too.

Otherwise there’s an NFL game only fantasy players and gamblers will be interested in so maybe people will watch RAW.

Other than that there’s a full slate of NBA and NHL games on tonight. Enjoy!

Keep it clean 🙂