Juggernaut and big dog and…

Hello Scott,

As we are in the era of the Big Juggernaut Dog, I recall the questionable introduction of those two nicknames to the myth of Roman Reigns.

The announcers on RAW immediately after a PPV (I don’t recall which PPV it happened after) started shilling those as two of his nicknames.

It go me thinking on any other nicknames that WWE (or another wrestling group) tried to force into the audience’s mind.

For this, I don’t mean names tied to a gimmick like ‘The Model’ Rick Martel or ‘double j’ Jeff Jarrett, but those that just seem like odd additions to their character but the company is trying to put over for whatever reason.

You mean like the Game, the Cerebral Assassin, the King of Kings…that sort of thing? Can’t think of anyone off hand…